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We are organising a collection to aid the people of Ukraine. All resources will be used for the following activity for Ukraine, the purchase of:

Please make payments directly to the following account:

Fundacja Wesoła Góra
Szwarcenowo 18 a

13-340 Biskupiec

NIP (tax id.) no.: 739-394-64-84
KRS (court reg.) no.: 0000851142

Bank account for payments:

PL 94 1140 2004 0000 3202 8065 4978; BIC/ SWIFT code: BREXPLPWMBK

REFERENCE:   Donation for the Ukraine


Our current activity:

  1. Activity towards better cooperation between the nations and countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
  2. Activity benefiting national and ethnic minorities and the regional language.
  3. Spread and protection of freedom, human rights and civic liberties, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy.
  4. Activity aimed at ecology and protection of animals and natural heritage;
  5. Popularisation of knowledge of Polish history and events within its territory.
  6. Promotion of Polish culture and national heritage, in particular through spreading of national traditions, care for Polandhood and development of national, civic and cultural awareness.
  7. Support for homeschooling and for families, communities and local groups.
  8. We also actively work against social exclusion.

We are keen to cooperate with educational facilities, schools and preschools as well as other organised forms of activity, including for seniors. We use our initiatives to disseminate education and alternative education methods. We encourage the improvement of education and social awareness of children, youths and adults, in particular from rural areas and small towns.

Through our activity, we want to encourage social development, self-realisation and equalise education opportunities.

We invite you to cooperate with us!

Our achievements:

  1. Creation of a s Social Enterprise, support for the excluded with the aid of the Social Economy Support Centre of Olsztyn.
  2. An education platform for children aged 5-15 years, with the aid of the Social Economy Support Centre of Olsztyn
  3. The Patriotic Centre of Polish Culture, financed using resources of the Roman Dmowski and Ignacy Jan Paderewski Institute of Heritage of National Thought as part of the Patriotic Fund.
  4. Numerous workshops, trips, exhibitions, educational films and lectures both for children and parents.
  5. Creation of a space on the foundation premises for the purposes of aid for Ukrainian refugees.
  6. Aid for refugees from the Ukraine is additionally financed by resources of the Polish National Freedom Institute.
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